Rodney Buis elected Principal for KSD

The KY Department of Education (KDE) is very pleased to announce that Rodney Buis has been recommended by the SBDM Council and approved by KDE to serve at the principal of KSD.  Mr. Buis will continue to serve as the interim principal through the end of June and will be the principal starting July 1st.

Mr. Buis has served KSD extremely well this past school year and brings a wealth of knowledge about curriculum, instruction and assessment to the school.  His dedication to the students and commitment to move KSD forward makes him the ideal person to serve in this capacity.  As requested by the SBDM Council, KDE is committed to providing Mr. Buis with as many opportunities as possible to enhance his skills/knowledge in deaf education and ASL skills.  As a matter of fact, he is attending an immersion workshop in Elizabethtown this week to improve his signing skills.

The SBDM Council had a sizable pool of applicants and interviewed 5 applicants in the past few weeks.  They are to be commended for their dedication to this task.  Few people outside the Council understand the amount of time it takes to review applicants, call references and go through the interview process.  I certainly appreciate their efforts.

I hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe summer and be fired up and ready for an exciting school year in August!!


Barb Kibler


Jacobs Hall Museum Volunteers Needed for June 28th

Date: June 16, 2008,

To: Jacobs Hall Museum Committees, KSD Alumni Association Inc, Alumnus and Visitors

Re: Jacobs Hall Maintenance

The Jacobs Hall Museum Committees, Roger McCowan, Barbie Harris and I have discussed maintenance needs for Jacobs Hall and have agreed that we need you come and help with Jacobs Hall each month for repairs, painting and other duties that need to be done.

The date will be on Saturday, June 28 2th from 8:30 am until??? at Jacobs Hall. You may want to work all day or half day. Each month I will inform you of the date to come.

We will provide food and soft drinks if you stay all day.

We hope you are willing to join us in this effort. Please consider coming to help. Please send email responses to: Roger McCowan or or or .

Please share this with your friends through videophone, pager and computer.


Rhonda Bodner

Jacobs Hall Museum Staff

Tuesday June 17, 2008

KSD grad earns national Red Cross certification

Jennifer Harris, who is deaf, earned certification as an instructor in basic water rescue and small craft safety. (Photo courtesy of Josh Myers/Campbellsville University)

Jennifer Harris, who is deaf, earned certification as an instructor in basic water rescue and small craft safety. (Photo courtesy of Josh Myers/Campbellsville University)

Jennifer Harris, who is deaf, receives instruction from professor Dr. John Mark Carter in the swimming pool at Campbellsville University. (Photo courtesy of Josh Myers/Campbellsville University)

Carter said teaching Harris was “the opportunity of a lifetime.” (Photo courtesy of Josh Myers/Campbellsville University)

Jennifer Harris may have a disability, but she’s not letting it deter her from achieving success.

Harris, who is 20 and was born deaf, recently audited a weeklong Campbellsville University course as an American Red Cross instructor candidate and earned her national certification in basic water rescue and small craft safety.

CU is the only place in Kentucky to earn the certification, and Harris is the first deaf student to become a certified instructor in the course.

“It’s just really nice that as a deaf person, I can teach the deaf,” she says. “It will be nice to have a teacher for them.”

Harris was raised in Danville, by deaf parents: Archie, a retired teacher from the Kentucky School for the Deaf who taught math and other subjects, and Barbie, an art teacher at KSD. She has two brothers, one of whom is deaf.

Harris, a 2006 KSD graduate, will start her junior year this fall at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., where she is pursuing an art history degree.

Gallaudet is the only university across the globe in which all of its academic programs are designed and intended to provide the needs of deaf and hard-of-hearing students. Hearing students also are accepted.

Harris traveled to Sweden during her senior year of high school and stayed in the country for nine months, which she says she did out of her curiosity and for the challenge.

The opportunity of a lifetime

When Harris came to Campbellsville for the June summer session, she was accompanied by Brenda Prescott, a full-time teacher at KSD. Prescott volunteered in the course as an associate instructor/trainer, who taught alongside Dr. John Mark Carter in American Sign Language. Both are American Red Cross instructor trainers in basic water rescue and small craft safety.

“It’s really unique to have Brenda signing as I teach,” says Carter. “It’s really cool how it all fits together.”

Carter, professor of recreation and aquatics at CU, says that being able to teach Harris has been “the opportunity of lifetime”, one that he will never get back again.

“Although I have taught American Red Cross instructor courses for 30 years, and have taught academic adapted physical education courses in Red Cross since 1980, and have worked with all different types of handicaps, I’ve never had the opportunity to teach a person with the qualities and combination of skills that Jennifer has,” he says.

“She loves the water, [and] she loves paddling. She’s very intelligent. She understands English and American Sign Language well. She has a wonderful enthusiasm for learning, and a positive attitude.”

Carter says Harris’ Red Cross nationally certified instructorship will be a great asset to the hearing-impaired community not only in Kentucky, but also nationally.

“She will be the first instructor to have the opportunity to teach other deaf students from elementary to the university level, in addition to members of the deaf community at large,” says Carter.

Carrie Anderson, a student at CU and the mother of Josh Anderson, dean of student services, opened up her home for Harris and Prescott to stay for the week-long course.

Harris “is an amazing young woman,” says Anderson. “She’s very independent, (and) she’s sure she can do anything she puts her mind to. It’s been fun (getting) to know her.”

Harris plans to graduate from Gallaudet University in 2010. With her art history degree, she wants to pursue architecture. “I might even teach at a school,” she said.

Hillary C. Wright of Cambellsville University provided information for this story.

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