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62nd Anniversary Kentucky Dam Picnic

Click the image to open PDF or save to desktop and open in PDF program.

Click the image to open PDF or save to desktop and open in PDF program.

Camp for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth

June 29 – July 3, 2009 (Counselors Arrive on June 28)

website: http://www.lions-campcrescendo.org/deaf_camps.html

Camp History

The Kentucky Lions Youth Camp for deaf or hard of hearing children began in 1992. The camp is made possible by donations to Lions Camp Crescendo by Lions, Lioness and Leo clubs throughout the state of Kentucky and those individuals who donate their time to serve as camp staff.

Camper Eligibility

Boys and girls, ages 6 through 15, who are deaf or are hard of hearing and who are are a resident of Kentucky.

Camp Location

The camp is located in Lebanon Junction, Kentucky, which is off I-65 at Exit 105, north of Elizabethtown, and 25 miles south of Louisville. For more information, see our Facilities page.

Camp Schedule

Campers arrive before lunch on Monday, June 29, 2009.  Counselors should arrive before 6:00 pm on Sunday, June 28, 2009.


Transportation is provided to and from the camp by Lions across the state, if required.


Services include : A full time nurse on duty, certified lifeguards, cafeteria staff serving 3 hot meals a day, traditional recreational camping utilities, and indoor restroom and shower facilities.


Counselors are volunteers. Some are Lions, Lioness, or Leos – most are parents, grandparents, college students, or friends of counselors. The camper or counselor ratio is about 4 to 1 (or as needed).  Background checks are conducted on all staff members.

For further information contact:

Will Mayer, CO – Director
Christina Turpen, Co – Director


Lions Camp Crescendo
P.O. Box 607
1480 Pine Tavern Road
Lebanon Junction, KY 40150
(502) 833-3554
(502) 833-4427 (24 Hour Access)
(502) 833-4249 FAX

Billie J. Flannery, Administrator

Kevin Patton, Resident Manager

Deaf Day Zoo

If interested, you can click the image below to open into PDF program: Adobe or Foxit for better viewing.  It sounds fun. It would be great for the families to go! Let us know how it is there.


Bards & Storytellers: Jag Einhorn

You can open PDF into Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader by clicking that image below. If any of you go, let us know how was it ? If you could take some photos to post on the blog. That would be great!

bards and storytellers

SEKDC 2009 Events

I know it is hard to read, you can click the image below and save the PDF to your desktop, or open PDF using Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader.


The Secret Garden

I know it is kinda of last minute posting on that play but you can see if it is still available!