Interpreter Training Program (ITP)


The North American Mission Board (NAMB) and the ITP will offer three courses for all interested interpreters and deaf leaders at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster. PA, on Saturday, July 17, and Sunday, July 18, 2010. The courses will begin early Saturday morning. All persons taking the ITP courses are asked to arrive on Friday evening to ensure you will not encounter problems due to late arrival or delayed flights. Then, you will receive 1 CEU for the full ten hours. Partial credit will not be provided.

The three courses offered will be: “English to ASL Interpreting”ASL to English Platform Interpreting”, and “Deaf Culture”.

English to ASL and ASL to English have an advanced level of instruction in the Professional Studies content area. The Deaf Culture course has an introductory level of instruction in the Professional Studies content area. This program course offers 1 CEU from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and NAMB ITP.

“English to ASL Interpreting” will be taught by Carol Tipton. Carol Tipton, CSC, CI and CT, has been involved with the education of interpreters for over 40 years.  In the mid-nineteen-seventies she coordinated the National Interpreter Training Consortium out of NYU, where she earned M.A. and Ed.D. degrees.  She has taught continuing education classes for interpreters at Gallaudet University since 1978, and credit classes in the Interpreter Training Program at the Community College of Baltimore County-Catonsville since 1988, where she is currently an Associate Professor.  She chaired the RID committee which composed the RID Code of Ethics, served on the Blueprint Committee, which constructed the first generalist written certification examination, was a member of the RID Professional Standards Committee, developing standard practice papers, served as a member of the NAD/RID Certification Council and is currently a member of the RID Professional Development Committee.  She is a Local Test Administrator for RID and coordinates the RID Supersite at Catonsville for administering written and performance certification examinations. She is also the Certification Maintenance Program Coordinator for the Potomac Chapter of RID and a charter member of the Open Bible Deaf Church in College Park, MD.

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ITP (cont.)

“ASL to  English Platform Interpreting” will be taught by John Folker.

Presenter: Rev. John Folker (MS, CSC, SC:L) has been working with the Deaf since 1977.  He has lived in seven states and is now from Richmond, Virginia.  He is the Pastor of StoryOne Richmond, a pioneering Deaf Church based on Deaf training and leadership.  He has been a part of SBCD for over 25 years and specifically works with Deaf missions.  He is blessedly married for 22 years to Donna (also an interpreter) and father of 3 wonderful children.

Rev. Folker will share his years of experience and frustrations on the road to becoming a nationally and legally certified interpreter. He owned an interpreting business, has served as state RID president, and has taught numerous workshops to both hearing and Deaf. He was the full-time staff interpreter for a court system in Arizona for four years, and has returned to the free-lance market.  He will focus on your deaf persona, internal processing of the source message, and techniques for making interpretation so much more clear to deaf persons. Proper technique will ease translation stress and physical injury. He understands you, the interpreter, no matter your skill level.

“Deaf Culture” will be taught by Nina Coyer.

Nina is a native of San Diego, California. She attended Gallaudet University before she graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with both a Bachelors and a Masters in Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She taught at the Kentucky School for the Deaf for 12 years before joining full time as Tenured Assistant Professor at her alma mater where she is now in her 13th year.  She teaches all levels of American Sign Language, Deaf Culture and Interpreting classes. She has also taught many workshops in a variety of subjects.

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Deaf Culture will be taught by a deaf instructor. The other two are hearing instructors and will teach the courses with voice only. If any deaf participants would like to register for any of the classes, you must register before June 15 and mark the registration form to request an interpreter.

The class schedule is as follows:       Saturday morning – 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-5:00 pm

Sunday morning –    8:00-10:00 am

The course fee for students desiring RID CMP/ACET credit is $75. The non-RID student fee is $65. The North American Mission Board is a RID approved sponsor.

Important Notice: Please understand that the course fee does not include cost of lodging and meals. Each ITP student is responsible for making room reservations at the Lancaster Bible College through Jim Dermon P.O. Box 8885, The Woodlands, TX 77387-8885. Make sure to inform him you are with SBCD/ITP if you plan to arrive on Friday evening.  More information and ITP forms regarding the conference can be found at

If you are a certified interpreter, would you be willing to interpret the ITP courses offered? You would be paid for your services. Remember, if you interpret, you will not receive credit for the course. (You will be paid $250.00.)

Sorry, children will not be allowed into the class, and no childcare will be provided during the ITP on Saturday or Sunday.

Fill out the registration form and mail with check payable to the Southern Baptist Conference of the Deaf/ITP for the course fee only to:

Ina Faye Price

P. O. Box 1563

Danville, KY 40423

Refund /Cancellation Policy:

  1. A full refund will be issued for cancellations made 60 days prior to the

ITP date.

  1. A 50% refund will be issued for 30 days prior to the ITP date.
  2. No refund will be issued for cancellations made less than 30 days before

the ITP date.

If you have any questions regarding the ITP classes this summer, please contact:

Ina Faye Price, ITP Chairperson at 859-516-3865 or

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ITP Registration Form 2010

This registration form Must be received by Ina Faye Price before June 15, 2010.





City:                                                        State:                                            Zip:


Phone:                                                     Email:


Church Name:


Church Address:


Church City:                                           State                                   Zip


Select One:    (    )     “ASL to English Platform Interpreting”

(    )     “English to ASL Interpreting”

(    )     “Deaf Culture”

I will require RID credits.           ____ Yes            ____No

I should receive a certificate for: ____5 yrs.   ____ 10 yrs.   ____ 15 yrs.  ____20 yrs.  ____25yrs.

Payment is enclosed:    (    ) RID $75.00

(    ) Non-RID $65.00

(    ) I plan to stay for the ITP only, July 17 & 18.

(    ) I plan to stay for both ITP & SBCD, July 17-23.

If you are a certified interpreter, would you be willing to interpret for the ITP courses offered? You would be paid for your services. Remember, if you interpret, you will not receive credit for the course.  Yes____   (You would be paid $250.00.)

Please check if you will need: __sign __voice __tactile __oral __close range     Interpreter

__other accommodations (give details of need)

Fill out the registration form  and mail with a check payable to Southern Baptist Conference for the Deaf/ITP to:       Ina Faye Price

P. O. Box 1563

Danville, KY 40423

More information can be found at



Kentucky Baptist Conference of the Deaf (KBCD)

Interpreter Training Program


Daniel Roush, M.A., CI/CT

Saturday, June 12, 2010

8:00 am-12:00 am & 1:00 pm-5:00 pm

Kavanaugh Life Enrichment Center                            7505 Kavanaugh Road, Crestwood, KY

Course Title: “The Interpreter’s Footprint: (Re)negotiating Your Role As Part Of Ethical Decision Making”

Professional Development Description:

How we talk about interpreter roles affects how we think about roles and how we think about roles affects how we talk

about them.  This workshop will explore alternative ways of thinking and talking about our roles.  Rather than

becoming frustrated over the struggle we often encounter in defining our roles, we will attempt to answer the question

of whether this struggle should become central to our conception of ourselves as a profession.  We will also explore

the question of whether this struggle can be re-conceived as a process of ongoing role negotiation within ourselves,

between our peers, and with the people with whom we interact.  The negotiation and related ethical decision making

skills introduced in this workshop must be developed over the life-span of our professional career.

(This course offers 8 hours of RID/ACET CMP in the Professional Studies area.)

The North American Mission Board is the RID sponsor for this event.

Danny is an Assistant Professor at Eastern Kentucky University’s ASL and English Interpretation program.

He has been interpreting professionally for nearly 20 years in a variety of settings including vocational

rehabilitation, federal government, educational, religious, community, and video relay.  He is a graduate of

Gallaudet University’s Masters in Linguistics program.  His teaching, research, and service interests include

student success, educational technology, linguistic politeness, life-long learning, and improving the working

conditions of professional interpreters.  He is a farmer’s husband with his wife, Lisa–the farmer, and their

four children, living the good life in Berea, Kentucky.


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Interpreter Training Program

Registration Form



Name:____________________________  Address:__________________________________

City/State/Zip___________________________ Phone:_______________________________


Workshop Questions?  Contact:   Ina Faye Price   859-516-3865 or

KBCD Conference/Lodging Questions? Contact: Nancy Perry

or John Lawlor (502)821-8129

Conference information and forms can be found at:

Total of 8.0 hours of RID CMP/ACET in the Professional Studies area are available for this workshop.

The North American Mission Board is the RID sponsor for this event.


Workshop fee       $45.00

Registration Fee      25.00 (includes lunch on Saturday)


Make checks payable to Kentucky Baptist Conference of the Deaf/ITP:

Send to: Ina Faye Price

P O Box 1563

Danville, KY 40423