Announcement from Western KY Deaf Alumni Association

Western Kentucky Deaf Alumni Association just announced 7 months ago that they are no longer an organization but will continue their annual picnic. It will be called Mildred Middleton Deaf Picnic (MMDP).  They will close WKDAA on Facebook in October and already open as MMDP on Facebook.  WKDAA wanted you to unlike WKDAA and like MMDP to resume the future updates.  They will give a new flyer out soon for their 65 annual Deaf Picnic coming up this summer.  As soon as I see a flyer, I will post it here.

Posted on September 26th, 2001 on Facebook by WKDAA:

Please unlike this page and switch yourself to this link because due to change made and this page will be closed. Click this link: **this will close sometime in October**

Posted on September 9th, 2011 on Facebook by WKDAA:

Hello everyone! We are in process to make a major change within this page. Due to WKDAA has been changed to Mildred Middleton Deaf Picnic. In order to change the name of this page, the new page is being created, please use the search box to find with the new name: Mildred Middleton Deaf Picnic. Thank you for your support.

Posted on August 16th, 2011 on Facebook by WKDAA:

Hi, I have an announcement to make. Unfortunately, Western Kentucky Deaf Alumni Association is disolved (closed for good), because there were a few conflict of interests. But there is a good news…there will be a new name which is called Mildred Middleton’s Deaf Picnic. This W.K.D.A.A. Facebook will be deactiviated at the end of August. Thank you for supporting W.K.D.D.A. for 64 years. See you guys next year!!

Make sure you like MMDP on Facebook to resume future updates:


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