On August 6, 1972, with a group of deaf Kentucky School of the Deaf alumnus, Kentucky School For the Deaf Alumni Association was born. Charles Thomas was the first president along with Bourbon Johnston, Vice President, Winford Simmons, Sec’y-Treasurer. The other charter board members were: James Beauchamp, Margaret Royster, Herman Harrod, Win McChord, Sr, Opal Goodin, Charles Ewing, Headley Martin, Marvin Wilder, Everett McCoy, Clyde Daniel, Bob Kolb, and Arnold Abercrombie.

Their motto is “to promote the best interests of KSD; to serve its alumni and foster closer fellowship among them; and to provide a medium through which they may participate in the affairs of the school and its continued advancement in the cause of the education of the deaf.”

Many KSD Alumnus have joined the Board and became Honoriaums after serving many years on the Board. We have helped many, many KSD students in many ways, like sponsoring a Junior National Association of the Deaf trip, a Youth Leadership Camp particpant, sports needs, educational needs, and other school projects. We were very involved in helping bringing 2 well known deaf groups in KSD; DeafyWood and the Russian group, TOYS. We also host a picnic every year at KSD.  We also host a 3 on 3 basketball tourney and some other sport events.

KSDAA is also insturmental, in addition of educational needs at KSD, about saving our legacy of the alma mater.

The 2011 KSDAA officers are: President Rhonda Bodner, Vice President James Cline, Secretary Sarita Johnson Harkness, and Treasurer Archie Harris. We also have 12 other board members, who all are loyal alumni of KSD.

Sarita Johnson Harkness, G-93 runs the weblog.

Our website is www.ksdalumni.co.nr! Come and see us there!


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